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Looking for top talent for your company?

JFC Global is a proven solution for the technical and professional staffing needs of your organization. We specialize in placing qualified, technical personnel in a broad range of industries. Our recruiters will develop a clear profile of the skills your position requires. We check references and prior work history to confirm they will meet our high expectations--and yours.

JFC has several tools that help us locate the best talent for the job! Our candidate database--which is over 35 years deep--is just one such tool. The power of referrals from our existing networks is another successful tool for JFC recruiters. Our clients are most impressed with our ability to attract candidates that may not have been actively looking for a new job in the first place. Finding this "needle in the haystack" is of paramount importance to JFC's client companies.

Companies that use JFC Global for technical and professional staffing benefit from our strategic and competitive practices. Our partnerships help businesses succeed in a competitive global marketplace. We provide talented employees that are in high demand and make critical projects successful.

Below is a sample of our information technology (IT) consultant's accomplishments:

  • Business application and database programming
  • IT Project Management
  • Web Design and Development
  • Database creation and migration
  • Engineer, implement, secure and maintain worldwide networks

A few of the projects our accounting professionals have completed:

  • Auditing and investigative reporting
  • Operational analysis and process improvement
  • Real Estate and leasing accounting
  • Financial year-end processes
  • CPA or CFO responsibilities

A small example of what the engineers on our staff have handled:

  • Environmental concept design
  • Mechanical design and drafting
  • Chemical Engineering and Plant design
  • Electrical facility design projects
  • LEAN manufacturing implementations

We also have experience in placing executive level administrative, senior human resources staff, and management professionals in a variety of industries.

JFC Global delivers proven results--guaranteed!

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