Author: robinjfc

5 Steps to an Effective Recruiter Relationship

Much like financial advisers who help handle your finances throughout your career, recruiters are here to be involved in conversations around career growth ideas, challenges you’re coming across with your current employer, skills you feel confident honing in on, salary conversations, job market insight, and more.

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Making Your Company an Employer of Choice

With unemployment rates the lowest since 1969 and the official unemployment rate at or below 4 percent for more than a year, attracting the best talent to your company can be a challenge.  Not being clear about how and where to find the best employees can lead to high turnover and wasted resources. How can…

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Why Work with a Recruiter?

Your recruiter will have constant, open conversations with you about what you are learning through your job search and what they know about the current job market.  Your recruiter  will take proactive efforts to promote your skills while you continue your job search too.  It’s a combined effort with you and your recruiter both working…

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