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Commercial Electrician

Candidate 104254 is a Licensed Electrician with a strong background in Electrical Maintenance and Commercial Construction.  Experienced with PLC’s and skilled with diagnosis, repair, and installation in both commercial and industrial environments. Strong mechanical ability, team player, self-motivated and detail oriented. 

  • Maintain all facility maintenance including HVAC, electrical, compressors, vacuum loading systems, chillers, pumps, silos, dock doors and plates, forklifts and racking.
  • Wired signal loop for PLC's, transfer switches, and emergency/standby equipment.
  • Electrical troubleshooting and mechanical repair of packaging and food processing equipment.
  • Performed adjustments in belt tracking, belt tension and /or gearbox and bearing lubrication.
  • Executed preventive maintenance on components such as motors, clutches, brakes, bearings, drive belts, drive shafts, gearboxes, and/or conveyor belting.

Professional References

  • “He is a very knowledgeable mechanic.  Highly skilled in all aspects of electrical and mechanical.”
  • “Very dedicated to the team and willing to assist others with his expertise.”
  • “I worked with him on many electrical projects and he is very skilled.”
  • “He can troubleshoot almost anything.  His strong suit is electrical but he is mechanically inclined as well.”

Category: Commercial Construction


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